Friday, June 22, 2007

Raja Aziz Addruse now counsel for Chin Peng

According to my lawyer friend Chan Kok Keong (left) whom I met this morning at the Appellate & Special Powers Division of the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Malaysia's internationally well-known and respected constitutional lawyer as well as former Bar Council president Raja Aziz Addruse (right) now heads the legal team fighting for Chin Peng's right to return to and settle in our homeland under the 1989 Peace Accords signed between the Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM). Other members of the team includes Darshan Singh, Patrick Leong and Yau Wai Leong.

Darshan Singh, who appeared this morning in court together with Raja Aziz Addruse and Chan Kok Keong, told me that the presiding judge was Mohd Zabidin bin Mohd Diah and the defendants, who still have not filed their affidavits, were represented by Federal Counsels Azizah Nawawi and Suzana Atan. The hearing today was held in chamber and will be continued on 31 July.

The Sitiawan-born Chin Peng, 82, is still physically and mentally fit enough to read, write, converse intelligently with other people and travel by air occasionally. He now lives with his wife Lee Khoon Wah and comrades Abdullah C.D., Suriani Abdullah a.k.a Eng Ming Ching @ Ah Ming, Shan Ruhong @ Ah Hai @ Ah Cheng, Abu Samah Mohd Kassim @ Sibar, Siti Norkiah @ Minah and others in Thailand.

Chin Peng, whose real name is Ong Boon Hua, visited the United Kingdom in 1998, Australia in 1999 as well as Singapore in 2004 and 2006. In 1998, he was interviewed by the BBC and also Sin Chew Jit Poh and in 2003, he published his English-language memoirs Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History in Singapore which was subsequently translated into Chinese language by a team of 12 Malaysian linguists.

Chin Peng's homecoming court case on today

Another new judge to hear Chin Peng' s case


Blogger Monsterball said...

Greetings James,
Still no formal response from the Malaysian government ?
Wah...there is such a thing as "Judgement in Default", you know.

If, after a reasonable amount of time has been given, and one side in a lawsuit still fails to provide a response, the other party has a right to move the court to proceed to make a ruling on the case.
Raja Aziz Addruse is one of the best legal brains in the country...I'm sure he knows how to play his chess game..

7:53 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Just read from BT Spore

Business Times - 19 Jul 2007


Do not shade the past in memoirs: MM

I READ ST, July 11th 2007, the views of Chiang Hai Ding and former PAP MPs on their writing of their memoirs.

They would refresh their memoirs if they read up old written materials, speeches, press cuttings, notes, letters and photos. It is worth the effort.

MPs are important actors in determining Singapore history. I encourage all MPs, including those who opposed the PAP, to give their accounts of the past. They will give a multi-dimensional view of past events and provide richness and texture to the story.

World War II accounts whether in books, on TV or on film, that draw on sources from all parties, the Allies, Germans, Russians and Japanese make fascinating reading because they give a three-dimensional depth to past events.

When writing memoirs, you are talking to posterity. Among them will be historians who will check what you write against the accounts of others. So do not shade the past.

I read Chin Peng's memoirs in English and the Plen's (Fang Chuang Pi) unfinished memoirs in Chinese. I respected Chin Peng, so I asked to see him when he was in Singapore. However, the Plen was a disappointment. He avoided the facts. Chin Peng did not.

Lee Kuan Yew
Minister Mentor

6:44 AM  
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