Sunday, June 15, 2008

Short break in refreshing Cameron Highlands

I took a very short break in Pahang's Cameron Highlands for two days from Friday to Saturday and visited, among other places, the Boh Tea Centre. Boh Tea has been a legendary brand name of the still popular Ceylonese tea leaves in Malaysia and Singapore. When the plantation first came into my sight, the memory of Pak Rashid also surfaced in my mind as he once told me - and also recalled in his autobiography - how he worked and suffered as a poor child labour on the green field. Before coming back to Subang USJ, I also stopped for two hours in my four-generation hometown Ipoh to catch up with some old friends for coffee and chats. Luckily, the weather on that two days was not bad.

Ah Hai' s memoirs now out in English language


Blogger kittykat46 said...

I always love visiting the Camerons. The tea plantations are beautiful.
Only after reflection I realised harvesting the tea leaves up and down the steep slopes must be back-breaking work.
Even today, where they use portable mechanical trimmers to cut off the leaves. It must have been very tough in the old days.

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