Friday, December 02, 2005

Good news for lovers of alternative books

If you don't want youselves or your children to be intellectually stagnant at the level of Noh Omars or Zams, you must read quality books and, above all, alternative (defined in the Malaysian context, at least) books that serve to balance the minds from all perspectives and schools of thought.

My friend Mr. Chong Ton Sin @ Pak Chong @ Boss Chong has been publishing and distributing alternative books in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and English for the past many years through his Gerakbudaya Enterprise. His publishing house SIRD has also obtained the exclusive rights to publish the memoirs of Abdullah C.D., Rashid Maidin and Suriani Abdullah aka Eng Ming Ching.

He still has in his stock many other books and memoirs written by our real, not tiruan, fighters for Merdeka, such as those of Chin Peng, Abu Samah, Ibrahim Chik and Shan Ru-hong.

Mr. Chong is hosting an Alternative Books Festival from 1 to 4 December, 2005. Those who are interested to buy alternative books should not miss this golden opportunity.

The Festival is held from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm at: 11,Lorong 11/4E,46200 Petaling Jaya; Tel:03-79578342; Handphone: 016-3797231

There are discounts. Of course, you can still keep in touch with Mr. Chong after the Festival for the supply of alternative books from time to time.

Happy reading and debating.