Thursday, April 10, 2008

MCA condemns Umno for pig farms opposition

MCA's Selangor Chairman Ch’ng Toh Eng is quoted today by Sin Chew Daily as condemning its BN ally Umno for the latter's opposition to the modernisation of pig farming in the state. The former MCA Exco of Selangor also reportedly expresses his support for the new Selangor PR government on the project, affirming that MCA would not oppose (any policies of the new government) just for the sake of opposition.

Umno' s strategic choice affects BN allies' fate


Blogger kittykat46 said...

Pig farms without proper waste treatment are very unpleasant - I used to live downwind from one - not near, but the smell carries for miles.

I would support the effort to get them into modern, environmentally responsible premises.

UMNO trying to do some shit-stirring.

Let them protest - that's their right, though the denied that right to anyone else who disagreed with them when they were in power.

2:27 AM  
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6:28 PM  
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