Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tan Wah Piow speaks up again ...

To many Malaysians and Singaporeans in my generation, Tan Wah Piow was a very famous man because in the 1970s when we were primary or lower secondary schoolboys, he was already a very admirable university student in Singapore who dared to publicly challenge Harry's monopoloy of political power and public discourse. My father liked to talk about him - as well as Juliet Chin, another vocal Singapore university student leader - with neighbours and customers of our coffeeshop at No. 24, Clare Street.

Of course, some of those typical McCarthyist tricks and methods were applied on him and Juliet Chin. He was, like Pak Said, accused of being "communists" or "fellow travellers" or CUF (Communist United Front). Wah Piow was also striped off his Singapore citizenship. Both Wah Piow and Juliet are mentioned in the memoirs of, among other persons, Chin Peng and Pak Said.

Recently, the Chinese edition of malaysiakini interviewed him, who has been an Oxford-trained lawyer in London for many years, while he was in Malaysia. The interview has just been published this afternoon. For quixotic uncles who do not like to see faces of people they thought to have disappeared forever from this earth as the result of their smart tricks of force and fraud, smash your computers now and check up your blood pressure and heart beat soonest in the nearest 24-hour clinic.

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