Sunday, August 06, 2006

Introduction to Economics 101 for MCA chief

According to news reports, the arrangment made by MCA for Chinese Malaysian business leaders to meet the prime minister has excluded Dong Jiao Zong on the pretext that DJZ are bodies that deal with education, not the economy. I think the MCA excuse is simply nonsensical: education is what economists conceptualise as ' human resources magament' which forms a vital area of study in economics.

Of course, if and when the prime minister decides to meet DJZ after curi-curi reading this post (especially the two linked news items), MCA would, more likely than not, claim all the credit for itself. What to do? This is how MCA has been operating since Day 1 of its inception in 1949.

Anwar: BA leaders back DJZ on mother-tongue education

Anwar takes on BN gov’t over Chinese education


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