Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thousands ' to join anti-war demo' in London

Organisers of a march in London calling for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon predict tens of thousands of people from across the UK will take part.

The Stop The War Coalition is asking demonstrators to leave children's shoes at the Cenotaph in protest at the deaths of children in the conflict.

The march comes amid growing Muslim unease at how Prime Minister Tony Blair is dealing with the crisis.

But contributors to the Jewish Chronicle praised the PM's "bravery".

March organiser Lindsey German said she expected tens of thousands of people would travel to the capital to take part in the demonstration.

"We are expecting a huge turnout because the British public is genuinely appalled at the events in Lebanon and does not agree with Tony Blair's response."

'Anger at collusion'

In a statement, Stop the War said "anger at Blair's collusion with Bush's wars is widespread" and it expected a good turnout at the march.

The Israeli blitz on Qana and Baalbek have become a symbol of all that is most barbaric about the Bush/Blair 'war on terror'," it continued.

"Please bring children's shoes on Saturday to leave on Tony Blair's doorstep. Bring them in memory of the hundreds killed in Lebanon."

Muhammad Sawalha, chairman of the British Muslim Initiative, said: "It is absolutely necessary that British Muslims turn out in droves to send a clear message to the government that its silence over Israel war crimes in Palestine and Lebanon is inconsistent with British values and detrimental to its international standing."

Speakers at the rally will include Bianca Jagger, anti-war campaigner Bruce Kent, former MP Tony Benn, and a number of serving MPs, including representatives from the Labour, Lib Dem and Respect parties.

But actress Maureen Lipman, referring to Mr Blair's speech earlier this week as "pro-Israel", told the Jewish Chronicle: "It was brave. I was very pleased."

She added: "The death toll of women and children was terrible in the last attack. I felt ashamed.

"But we know terrorists use innocents as a human shield. There is a lack of understanding of Israel's situation and how there has been drip-drip terrorism ever since the withdrawal from Gaza."

Mr Blair delayed his annual holiday to try and bring about a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon.

Story from BBC News
Published: 2006/08/04 23:45:01 GMT© BBC MMVI

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