Saturday, June 09, 2007

Admiral Mike Mullen as next US JCS Chairman

In Thomas E. Ricks' Fiasco - The American Military Adventure in Iraq (London, Penguin, 2007), Marine General Peter Pace as the then Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is only featured briefly in three occasions (pp.89, 124 & 168) and there is no entry of Admiral Mike Mullen in the index. Admiral Mullen is going to be the next Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff after the departure of Pace from the post in September.


Blogger Monsterball said...

Looks like George W. Bush cleaning out the team of all the people related to the Iraq fiasco. The one and most important person still needing to be cleaned out is...himself...hehehe.
Unfortunately the American system does not provide an option for a President to leave gracefully. Quitting before the end of a term is tantamount to disgrace for a President.

9:56 AM  
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