Monday, June 19, 2006

Wasn't Tunku wrong to sack Dr. Mahathir ?

It is now confirmed that Dr. Mahathir would not be sacked from Umno despite his repeated criticisms of PM Abdullah and some of his policies in public domains.

So, was Tunku Rahman right - or wrong - to sack the same Dr. Mahathir in 1969 for his public criticisms in the form of widely distributed letters against the then serving Umno president and prime minister?

While Mahathir has always been the same personality with the same character, what is the difference between the Tunku Abdul Rahman and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Umno presidents as well as prime ministers in handling Dr. Mahathir?

Dr M remains Umno member

Will Umno sack Mahathir?

Pre-empting Mahathir’s next move

Dr M vs Pak Lah: Between Yin and Yang


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