Thursday, February 14, 2008

BN cannot blame Dr. Mahathir for all malaises

Although Abdullah has taken over from Dr. Mahathir for almost four years by now, I still hear in private conversations with some friends of BN background blaming the latter for the many political, economic and social malaises Malaysia faces currently. To my mind, unless they can really prove that Dr. Mahathir had drugged or pointed a pistol at Abdullah to make the latter his successor in 2003, then the successor must understand and accept the modern business practice that says that when one takes over a company, one inherits not only its assets but also its liabilities. Moreover, it can be reasoned that many of the malaises like the ever rising crime rate and no-yesterday-yes-today flip-flops are new liabilities incurred in the past four years, without Dr. Mahatrhir involving in any of the decision-makings in Putrajaya. The only correct approach to manage the legacy of Dr. Mahathir now is, in my personal opinion, ambil yang jernih, buangkan yang keruh.


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